MarineMad iPhone App

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For those of you who haven’t seen our iPhone application yet we’ve put together a quick demo movie highlighting some of the features such as:

Live feeds (with friends updates including fish, coral, equipment, picture and movie additions) which you can comment on!
• View your and other peoples aquarium profiles
• View and send messages
Follow or remove follows for other users aquarium updates
• NEW Question and Answers interface
Upload pictures of your aquarium
• Look for your local fish shop (in UK and US only at the moment)
• View your aquarium data logging (if you have one)
• View most popular and recommended viewing aquarium profiles
• Add and keep track of your water tests eg Ca, Mg, Alk etc.
• View site news and updates
• NEW Easily add classified ads so you can sell items quickly
• NEW Browse and buy items close to you
• INTEGRATED tools for dosing and 3 part salt mixes!
Fully integrated with YouTube – easlisy take and upload videos!



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