Getting a 3d Print quote for St Pancras

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Ok… time for a shocker, the one thing during the whole project I never really thought about was cost – perhaps because it seemed so epic a project I never thought it would actually get this far.
So we sent the 3d Files to a really nice guy at who had the following to say (make sure your sitting down!)


Hey Gary,
That is an absolutely awesome model! 
….BUT…. it comes in at 23,000 cm3 – that translates to £46,000!!!!!
I WISH I could do this one – it’s truly beautiful and would make such a fantastic model, but simply due to it’s size, it’s going to cost nearly the same as it would to buy the real thing!
An idea might be to 3D print the features such as the window and alike, and then fix them to a card/wood model, but 3D printing the entire object is out of the question I’d imagine!

 After a few hours of feeling totally defalated, I picked myself up and started formulating “PLAN B”!


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