PLAN B – The 3d UP! printer and a visit to Cool Components

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So after thinking about it in a lot of detail over a few evenings, I couldn’t quite get my head around how much 3d printed plastic was, its only plastic after all and not much more than a CNC machine. So after delving into the subject of 3d printing and getting a basic understanding of the technologies involved I found an open source project called RepRep. Whilst I loved the idea of making one of these machines it didn’t seem very easy to source the parts in the UK and I just didn’t have the time to make the machine itself so with a little luck and a need for some micro electronics I found a link to 3d printing on the Cool Components website.
After an evening of reading just about every review I could find of the 3d UP! printer I found at Cool components I called them the next morning and asked if I could visit there office for a demo.
After a half hour demo – which was incredibly impressive (watching a cross between a CNC and a glue gun) making a coat hanger, I delved into a box of bits the guys had played about with and saw the clip together shape in this blo photo and for some reason was so impressed that I parted with a couple of thousand pounds and was a new proud owner of a 3d UP! printer.
It was a bit of an impulse buy, but after seeing the shapes and the printer in situ and some rough calculations, it turned out I could actually print all of St Pancras for about £80 that’s about a £46,000 difference! All be it not quite in the same finish or detail but that is by the by.



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