London Zoo (ZSL) Instant Wild Project

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Today I met Alasdair Davies (a technical advisor to ZSL) and David Curnick (conservationist) after a quick introduction at the launch of the “Big Experiment”. We were speaking about an existing project they have received a grant to expand upon called Instant Wild, and sounds like the next phase is a real challenge.

In fact it shares many synergies with some work I am already looking at undertaking in using environmental sensors to replicate conditions for the spawning of corals, so it was a very interesting discussion and a real worthwhile cause so I was keen to jump on board. It has iPhone, website and micro electronics elements… so it’s right up my street!

In a nutshell, the project involves a network of cameras, triggered by the movement of animals. These images are then sent via a cellular network connection to a server, from that server the images are displayed on the Instant Wild website and iPhone application. Then there is an element of what they call Citizen Science, where by members of the public can identify the animals and therefore contribute to the project, this isn’t too dissimilar to the MarineMad Big Experiment I authored with the University of Essex and CARN.Image


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