Model Railway Electrics – DCC Encoding

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So after the success of putting together a DCC Decoder, I decided to have a go at encoding.
I think it would be really fab if you could control or “shunt” multiple trains with perhaps infrared detection for example.
It’s also a far cheaper solution than some of the units out there at £80-90 up to the thousands, it won’t be as robust as some of these units, but it should have some additional features, and I like the idea of plugging it into the iPad interface I’ve already started on, so I could get locomotive control, turn building lights on and off and change the track points all wirelessly and for a small amount of money.
But boy this is different ball game to the decoding and I’ve spent hours and hours and just don’t seem to have any joy at all. I’ll persevere and I’ll hook up the decoder I made as well so I can decode the signals going through the rails… I’ll keep you posted as I’m determined to crack this one!



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