Instant Wild – Hands on some Kit!

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So after an epic house move that didn’t quite go to plan I finally got a chance to head into London Zoo to catch up with Alasdair to hook up some kit.
After just a couple of hours and a few problems (like the lack of a MicroSD card, which was soon rectified) we had the hardware we are prototyping with up and running and taking some pictures.
We even had time to try out some motion detection software on board the Arduino itself and you can probably see Alasdair jumping about in the image on the laptop.
This is a major step forward because from here we can start capturing images and use the Xigbee’s to transfer data across a network, we’ll then get a feel for constraints in the speed of taking the image, saving it and transferring it, the quality of the image and power consumption. It’s a little ad-hoc but this type of rapid prototyping I think will at the very least give us something tenable we can show both internal and external parties and shape a more structured development program.


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