Marine Intant Wild – Power Solution

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ImageSo with the cameras being deployed in the ocean with 2 x 50watt solar panels and 2 x 90 amp hour batteries the solution has to be mindful of power consumption, that means turning it off at night for the cameras down below, but for the upstairs satellite solution we want to be checking and sending images at intervals of perhaps 2 hours.

Now with Raspberry Pi you can turn the Pi off in software – but you cant turn it back on again without unplugging the powersource and turning it back on again to boot.

The clever guys at Ciseco came up with a Pi Watchdog solution for us which uses a Humble Pi with a AT Mega 325 and mosfet which will communicate with the Raspberry Pi over I2C to manage the power state.

Spinkle a new EVE board from Ciseco to that and we add a real time clock and a temperature sensor quickly and easily allowing us to time stamp our images accurately and turn the solution off if it gets too hot in the waterproof enclosure!

Amazing solution with off the shelf Ciseco products which are incredibly affordable, if your into anything Raspberry Pi or micro electronic there website is a must look!


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