How one new company can save a project – Ciseco

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We’ve been prototyping for the Instant Wild project for a while now but buying official Arduino boards and equipment were expensive and really a lot more complex than we needed. It was time to take advantage of open source hardware and so I found Ciseco’s Xino boards. They are bare bone Uno boards basically consisting of an ATMega 328, regulators and what’s more they also had an XBee break out board that fits straight on which is perfect for our project!

But the best part of the whole thing is that it cost about a tenner! That’s about £15-20 shaved off the overall cost of each camera right there – amazing!

Another thing caught my eye was the Ciseco RF Radios, of which I ordered 2 (it seems they may well have the cheapest RF Ardunio solution around with a full kit only costing £22?!).

I am currently having a nightmare trying to get the Xbees working fast enough without dropping packets of my JPEGs and I’ve been through API mode and even attempting an XModem implementation (they work incredibly well with smaller data, I think the 250k is pushing it)… and too many long nights and an equal amount of sleepless nights… I have my fingers crossed as I hadn’t even thought of trying a different radio until just now!

Now to assemble this lot! But check this out h


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