How do you build St Pancras?

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A lot of people have been asking how you build St Pancras to print in 3D, well here is a movie showing how a section is built up (20 mins work speeded up to show in 1 min).

You could spend a lifetime adding detail and work from the drawings, but that would probably take as many years as it took to build the actual building in the first place! This is a proof of concept and perhaps one of the largest 3d printed projects around – or at least until someone started 3d printing a car!

To the best of my knowledge and too many hours on google no one has built a main line London station, and the great thing about 3D printing is it can be printed over and over and improved upon!

My thanks to Samir who has helped and done so much work on this project I am forever grateful!

And here is where we are up to now…



One thought on “How do you build St Pancras?

    Paul Edwards said:
    February 15, 2017 at 10:41 pm

    Wow, this is both stunning and amazing, what a piece of work, well done.
    I am very fond of St. Pancras Station, I spent the best part of my working life passing this magnificent building on the way to work. I was around in the 1960’s and remember vividly the anger I felt upon reading plans were afoot to demolish the structure. Just along the road they got their way with Euston Station along with it’s beautiful Doric Arch. Hey, just upscale a rectangular matchbox and there’s your Euston Station !
    Thank you so much for your efforts, I appreciate so much seeing the labour of love gone into this work.

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