My Big Owie

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I’ve had an owie with my spine since 2003, who knows how or what started it off but it began as a small disc bulge. I used to do a huge amount of activities and was an instructor in a great many things back in my younger years like Archery, Rock Climbing, Range Shooting, Horse Riding, Canoeing and Kayaking.

I’ve been tricking myself into not having scary surgery for nearly 2 years now and came to crunch time when we went from a single problem to a fusion to a fusion and disectimies (plural).. I have to say a huge thanks to all the nursing staff, family and friends who have supported me through all this and here is the first minute or so that I woke up in intensive care (and sweetly fluttered my eyes at the nurse to let me have my phone, I was a little spaced out).

The great news is I felt good no leg pain at all, na da, zero so lets see how it goes when the swelling goes down and the wound actually heals.


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