Science Week – 3d Print Talk

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As part of Science week I arranged to do a talk at Cherry Lane Primary School as part of their STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) outreach.

The talk involved a huge selection of 3d prints suppled by the TVRRUG 3d print group other elements included talking about plastics, types of 3d technology, materials science, shapes and even a demonstration of building up layers as the printer does with whipped cream.

The children had a chance to get hands on and feel all the 3d prints and imagine applications and uses, some other fun items included actually completing a print of an octopus keyring while the talk took place – an opportunity to see the machine in action.

The other most well recieved part of the talk was how we digitise things and get things into the computer to print, we then scanned a teacher using a Microsoft Kinect camera and then once complete we could see her actually on the computer monitor that we could send to print, the children thought it was immensely funny to see their teacher inside the computer like a computer game!

The format was excellent and was very well received and also a lot of fun.


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