First go at resin printing 

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I recently took delivery of an iBox Nano 3d printer which was a kickstarter campaign I backed. It seems robust enough but has some very extreme limitations and is quite buggy. I tried to print a solid model of a locomotive I am working on in 2mm scale and it seems to have really miss interpreted some of the polygons! As you can see the rear of the model at the tops seems to have been conjoined at the top of the model – not really quite sure what happened there!

Its also very hard to model for this printer as it uses an LCD screen to block UV light on the resin, this obviously makes everything orientated around square pixels, this makes the low resolution claimed very difficult to achieve because your either on a line of pixels or your not.

I also managed to knock the desk and spilt some resin as so that it overflowed into the components so looks like this is the end of experimenting for now. There does seem however something quite satisfying about resin printing – so maybe its time for an upgrade to a better machine???


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