Commercial 3d Printing – first take

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If you have been following this post you’d know that I built a 3d model to extract the CNC paths from to cut my metal pieces from. Well I was curious how far I could push the 3d boundary and decided to make a specific model to incorporate this pushing of the bar. This resulted in using extremely tight tolerances and the agency writing back to me telling me they didn’t think it was possible, I asked them to try and it was 95% successful, with some further refinements required.

I also sent off a series of wheel sets indifferent sizes, again because the tolerances were so tight I wondered what ones would come back in pieces, I am glad to say the correct scale wheels were fabricated, but without some bevels and so I will try to incorporate them into the next version.

I am very pleased with the results of both parts. The loco itself in my opinion is ready to paint with no further working. The wheels need taking down a fraction.

However I do wonder if this is a way forward for mass production (well multiple production) or whether it is just too light in comparison to a metal frame. I think if I went this way I would add a lot more detail now I can see the limitations in person.


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