Watchmaking… nope same techniques though!

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St Pancras has to have something running on it, and here is what I am working on, I done a number of 3d prints which really pushed the boundaries but really a heavier material is what will make this work. The resin is probably just too light to pull any sort of loads out of the station.

So sticking with 3d printing, the boiler here is printed in wax and then cast in brass. However this is very light and probably still not very practical. The result looks amazing though. Close inspection however shows a lot of dimples where the brass is polished, this wouldn’t paint nicely, if you look on the inside you’ll see that the unpolished area is very rough. I have filed it flat and will smooth it off for painting, but still not there in a mass production perspective of having a dozen of these locos.

You’ll note my workbench has seen computers disappear and give way to a whole suit of watchmaking tools, now to learn how to use them!


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