The makings of St Pancras V3

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I have reprinted the plans of St Pancras in my final quest of making St Pancras, now in 2mm scale. Here are the first sample outputs of the drawings which are taken from the plans and then re-drawn in Adobe Illustrator and then fiddled about with in InkScape via svg and dxf formats for cutting – all very complicated!

These flat structures will have a number of detail added to them by the way of low resolution printing I have been testing.



One thought on “The makings of St Pancras V3

    chrisendrai said:
    December 27, 2015 at 2:38 am

    Nice work and series of progressively better Versions of the model! I’m trying to do the same thing in HO scale. I think I have found the same drawings you have above on places like Network and National Railway Museum ( However yours seem to be full size drawings and the ones I am finding are only 1024×768 jpegs. Are you simply enlarging those somehow or do you have a better source of drawings that you wouldn’t mind sharing with me? And I didn’t understand what svg and dxf formats are. Are you sending these out to have the basic structure laser cut out of acrylic or something and then you are just 3D printing adding the archway elements yourself? Are you using Sketchup Photo Match to capture the architectural details from high res photos or are you creating them from scratch ?

    Chris Endrai
    The Woodlands, Texas, USA

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