More 3D Design on St Pancras

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Well I managed to do some work over Christmas on St Pancras but the list seems never ending! Here are some of the bridges and first pass of the old Imperial Gas Works Co Gasometers (still needs some work) – oh and of course the hotel entrance.


One thought on “More 3D Design on St Pancras

    Paul Edwards said:
    May 6, 2017 at 9:10 am

    The hotel entrance is absolutely beautiful, are the .stl files available yet?
    I was a schoolboy in the 60s when they announced St. Pancras was being considered for demolition like Euston Station up the road with its handsome Doric arch.
    I remember feeling so angry about the loss of St Pancras, I kept a newspaper cutting from the era somewhere to be found at home. Most of my working life I travelled by bus past this magnificent edifice. Your hard work on this project is really appreciated. I fully intend to build this when completed. Meanwhile I will firstly build the east side tower part as an adjunct to the excellent Thingiverse statue of John Betjeman, the building’s saviour. The builds will sit side-by-side as a feature on my hall table.
    Thanks so much for making these builds available.

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