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After a long night, we’re ready.. sleep… whats that?

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St Pancras the story so far

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My poster shown at Sandown Model Expo, the background and why… apart from that it is probably the largest airfix type model ever 3D printing does offer some great advantages like quick prototyping, one off models and repetitiveness!



Sandown – the rush is on!

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I’ve had to draft a good old friend who got all this started in, so that we can have a presentable St Pancras model to display tomorrow at Sandown Model Exhibition this weekend.

Here’s some quick pics of the progress so far…

It’s gonna be a late one!

A box

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Built a nice box for the humanoid head I’m working on today and mounted the final servo.. Next eyes and so many options!


I also git to show him off at rLab robot workshop today which was just an inspiring day!!



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After what seems like an eternity I finally started gluing 3d printed St Pancras together! It looks AMAZING!!



Bit better motion vid

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The jaw hinge is attached and he’s plugged into an Arduino and already a lot better movement… still a lot of work to do – but looking good and really fun!

Robot gets his moves on

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My 3d printed robot getting his first moves on, unfortunately he was missing a hinge in his jaw, but its still v cool!

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