Aquarium monitoring and the ESP8266

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I really like the price point of the ESP8266 and the ease of use it offers tinkerers to add wifi to their projects and in particular the Arduino.

I have an issue with topping up from evaporation in my aquarium so I decided to hook up a system (designing a pcb and software from scratch) that not only tops up the aquarium when it’s running low, but can send me an email before its resivour is too low.

On top of that it can monitor (and log online, I’m using the temperature. One other nice thing it can do is tell me when I need to empty my protein skimmer collection cup – without having to open the cupboard door.

Here’s what the prototype looks like:


Feature Article

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Nice to be mentioned in a two part feature in Ultra Marine Magazine for the cutting edge biology work I am assisting the Horniman Museum on.

Little bit of work at the amazing Bio Imaging facility at the University Of Essex

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This week I visited the Coral Reef Research Unit at the University if Essex and bumped into an old friend Philipe who runs the amazing well kitted out bio-imaging department.

That led to some chats about lasers, live wells and prisms and some good old R&D 🙂

It’s nice to be a part of cutting edge science and I can’t wait to see some of the results that these vessels will allow live imaging of coral development in.





National Aquarium Conference

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This weekend I spoke about the projects we have been doing at the Horniman Museum and Gardens and the reception was amazing. The venue (Bristol Zoo and Gardens) was excellent the event overall was of very high caliber and I certainly hope to attend again next year!

Genuinely hope to work with a number of the people I had the pleasure of meeting this weekend.

Here is my presentation, slightly modified for the web.


Image of Biaza NAC delegates.

Fragging Broodstock

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Quick video of a beautiful broodstock coral we fragged this evening to move to another research system.

Amazing update to Coral Spawning project

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I’m over the moon about the progress on this project, I now can’t wait until the Hackathon!

Horniman Museum Coral Spawning Project