Red Sea Diving

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I just got back from the Red Sea and had perhaps some of the best dives I ever had on this trip, here are the highlights!


RLab at Elephant and Castle Mini Maker Faire

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I had a super time this weekend with Barnaby, Ryan, Richard, Tom and the Thames Valley RepRap Group representing Reading Hackspace and some of the great projects we’ve done there, the event had a more than amazing turnout and so many interesting stands. I will be sure to attend other future events and highly recommend them!

Coral Cam Testing

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We now have 2 permanently positioned CoralCams pointed at a single mature colony of Pocillopora Damicornis, a regular brooding spawner at the Horniman Museum. We’re using these cameras to determine when the corals spawn and how often. The aquarium trials will allow us to refine distance, depth of field, exposure, contrast and lighting required to build the on the computer vision classifiers we have been working on for the detection and counting of planula release. When this work is complete we’ll move this technology towards our broadcast spawning project.

Of course the project wouldn’t be complete without a couple of Raspberry Pi’s which record the footage and control the infrared LEDs using pwm via the gpio.



What can you do in a day?

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With Barnaby You can work flat out and hook up and get your ROV running on the bench at Reading Hackspace! Just some potting left to do 🙂

We’re getting a fetish for underwater toys and we’re getting good at it – I have a funny feeling this is just the beginning of something big!!

Setting up my mini research system at home

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Its a bit of a mess at the moment but this will be my home based test system where I’ll try out equipment I’ve developed including CoralCam and trial differing filtration methodologies. My plan it to fill it predominately with brooding corals. The aquarium itself is the stunning new TMC Signature which is pre-drilled and comes with a very versatile sump.



Waterproof enclosures

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Something for the weekend, some waterproof enclosures which will be used to house the USB cameras for the coral cam – thanks for your help Jolly!


Coral Cam – first trial pics

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