A go at casting

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I recently wanted to get a feel for how difficult casting may be. A bit of trial and error going on here which seems a subject with actually very little detailed information on google – lots of high level but I failed to get any decent examples.

So jumping in I used some rubber tool silicone to make a negative cast which I then made a wax mould from which in theory I could then cast with investment powder. Lot more experimenting and a good book needed to proceed I think. But not a terrible outcome from an afternoon just jumping in and experimenting.

The idea being that with a good wax cast (and I think I had the wrong wax) I could make a number of patterns that I could cast in brass using some equipment available to me.



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Today there was a build-your-own-quadcopter workshop at rLab. The designed in-house, the main elements of the airframe cut from acrylic with our laser cutter, and all of the parts ordered and assembled into kits in advance.Total price per quadcopter – ~£100!

The build was a great success, with eight out of nine of the quadcopters in flight by 5:30 – the ninth had a faulty motor.

Unfortunately I didn’t find the acrylic very robust for an amateur pilot, so I recently upgraded to a carbon fibre frame.

Sunny DCC Sundays

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Well what are Sundays for? A bit of R&R and playing with the model train controller Barnaby and I have been putting together since our trip to China. A few teething issues in version one but nothing thats stopped us working to date which is fab, anyway a shortie vid and a disclosure, we did have a sunny walk and a yummy dinner cooked by Barny’s beloved 😃


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I’m really pleased the Dangerous Prototypes guys liked my vide enough to post it on their site, these guys were really awesome and totally respect them and the knowledge the passed on that week.