TechCity IoT Widget

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I recently ran a workshop at TechCity with Ryan White of rLab where we designed a IoT widget based on the ESP8266 chip. Participants got to make the whole board using modern surface mount soldering and through hole soldering techniques, look at the software toolchain and walk away with a widget that can sit on their desk that connects to the internet and tells them the current weather and the forecast – particularly helpful when you work in the basement and want to know if it is raining outside!


Duke of Yorks iDEA (inspiring digital entrepreneurship awards) Hackathon

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I was recently invited to Bucking Palace to talk about extending the Duke Of Yorks iDEA programme to the community, this led to the concept of running a hackathon based around what the digital industry community thought were important skills to teach young children at key stage 3. The hackathon hosted a breakout of round table discussions fed back to the iDEA panel, some exciting out of the box thinking lessons plans as to how to deliver this content and finally a maker part. I had the pleasure of organising the event and opening and closing what was a fantastic day!

Get blog post here http://www.wearesevenhills.com/duke-of-york-ideahack-gets-the-ball-rolling-on-new-digital-badges/



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I’m really pleased the Dangerous Prototypes guys liked my vide enough to post it on their site, these guys were really awesome and totally respect them and the knowledge the passed on that week.

Hackathon Time Lapse

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Barnaby Shearer one of the project contributors for the Coral Breeding project took this amazing time lapse video of the Hackathon.

Horniman Hackathon

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On Saturday 21st September after months of planning and support from our fantastic sponsors we finally pulled the day off, about 30 Hackers turned up and I think we achieved some 3 months work in a single day! I’ll have a more official update soon but here’s some pics to get started! My huge thanks to everyone involved and for making it a great day!

Temperature Buoy Testing

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After a good few weeks of work we’ve finally managed to get the open ocean satellite connected temperature monitor buoy wet!

We chose Little Haven in Wales for the test and had a fab day and a nice short dive too! Can’t thank RockSeven and RockBlock enough for making this happen!

The plan is to eventually send the buoy to Fiji where it will relay live temperatures back to the Museum where we can match the temperature for our Coral Breeding Project.

I’m sure the next steps will be just as exciting!

Coral Breeding Project

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A great movie explaining the work we are doing and what we are trying to achieve with our Hackathon Project at the Horniman Museum.