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Another feature mention this week

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Following in from part one, here is the second part of the series Jamie Craggs authored about our ongoing captive coral reproduction project in the amazing Ultra Marine Magazine.


Feature Article

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Nice to be mentioned in a two part feature in Ultra Marine Magazine for the cutting edge biology work I am assisting the Horniman Museum on.

The Coral Spawning Journal

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I’m currently prototyping a website for recording coral spawnings as an open online journal for Museums, Universities and Aquarium Hobbyists to log when their corals breed and the conditions so that we can try to analyse trends.

Data will initially be plotted on google maps and a annual journal with a quite nice interface. We have some fab long term plans for the website.

This leads on from a concept from over 2 years (https://garygfletcher.wordpress.com/2012/12/01/reef-conservation-uk-using-citizen-science-to-journal-coral-spawning-in-hobbyist-and-public-aquaria/) so its nice to get to this stage and it should be a very valuable resource.

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Sneak Peak at LEACS V2

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Sneak Peak at LEACS V2

LEACS is a Laboratory Environmental Aquarium Control System designed to replicate temperature, sunrise and moonlight of a specific location.

This version uses the new Gertduino and Solid State relays to handle the continual clicking on and off of the heating/cooling for greater accuracy.

National Aquarium Conference

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This weekend I spoke about the projects we have been doing at the Horniman Museum and Gardens and the reception was amazing. The venue (Bristol Zoo and Gardens) was excellent the event overall was of very high caliber and I certainly hope to attend again next year!

Genuinely hope to work with a number of the people I had the pleasure of meeting this weekend.

Here is my presentation, slightly modified for the web.


Image of Biaza NAC delegates.

Official Video from the Wales Buoy Testing

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Official update on the satellite connected temperature monitoring system we have developed.

Hackathon Time Lapse

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Barnaby Shearer one of the project contributors for the Coral Breeding project took this amazing time lapse video of the Hackathon.