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Horniman Hackathon

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On Saturday 21st September after months of planning and support from our fantastic sponsors we finally pulled the day off, about 30 Hackers turned up and I think we achieved some 3 months work in a single day! I’ll have a more official update soon but here’s some pics to get started! My huge thanks to everyone involved and for making it a great day!


Temperature Buoy Testing

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After a good few weeks of work we’ve finally managed to get the open ocean satellite connected temperature monitor buoy wet!

We chose Little Haven in Wales for the test and had a fab day and a nice short dive too! Can’t thank RockSeven and RockBlock enough for making this happen!

The plan is to eventually send the buoy to Fiji where it will relay live temperatures back to the Museum where we can match the temperature for our Coral Breeding Project.

I’m sure the next steps will be just as exciting!

Major spawn from Acropora valida 23.38 – 00.00

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And the first part of the project at the Horniman proves to be a roaring success 16 days after we anticipated we had a major spawn and Jamie Craggs was on hand to get some amazing footage!

It seems our feeding regime, husbandry and environmental conditions have led to this amazing result and we already hope to replicate this again next month when another gravid Acropora sp is due to spawn.

Its important to highlight this is a UK first there have been no known deliberate broadcast spawning of Acropora in the UK to date – it’s an incredibly complex achievement and one we hope to really work on to better understand.

An amazing endorsement!

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So pleased to get an amazing endorsement from celebrity Steve Leonard on the project I am doing at the Horniman Museum on the Coral Breeding Project

Coral Breeding Project

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A great movie explaining the work we are doing and what we are trying to achieve with our Hackathon Project at the Horniman Museum.

Amazing update to Coral Spawning project

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I’m over the moon about the progress on this project, I now can’t wait until the Hackathon!

Horniman Museum Coral Spawning Project