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DCC Controller with Bluetooth 4 Low Energy and iPhone App

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screen568x568I’ve been putting together a DCC Model Train controller (http://agmodelengineering.wordpress.com/2013/12/13/dcc-encoding/ and https://garygfletcher.wordpress.com/2012/04/16/dcc-model-railway-encoder/) for a while and we’re there! A nice box an LCD and to make the control of the model trains and their functions (lights, sound, steam etc) I added a BLE adaptor and developed an iPhone app to control it.

This project would have been incredibly difficult if it wasn’t for the help of various members and it’s amazing the leverage, ideas and knowledge base we have at RLab.

The specialist kit like the electronics bench, power supplied and scopes made this happen and it was super fun and great to have built almost an entire product at the space!



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Back in September we hosted our very own Hackathon at the Horniman Museum and Gardens with the task of building a temperature and lighting control system called LEACS (Laboratory Environmental Aquarium Control System) that would replicate Sunlight, Moonlight and temperature from Fiji in the hope the environmental conditions would induce the spawning of corals in captivity to get a greater understanding of the biology and work towards the conservation of these threatened coral environments.

It’s basically a Ocean Simulator for aquariums.

Well since the hackathon we’ve learnt a lot and with all systems they grow, develop and mature that’s led us to LEACS V2 and us adopting the GertDuino board as part of the solution.

We’ll post some details of the hardware shortly but we’ve also been working on a website to that’s in the beta stage at the moment but we hope to share project updates and the current environmental data we are using.

So please have a look at www.LEACS.net and bookmark it to stay up to date.


In addition we’ve also developed an iPhone app we hope to expand out to share project updates and check on environmental data when your board! You can download it here.


Stereo Vision Very Positive Results

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ImageI was asked if it was feasible to automatically size aquatic animals using stereo vision. After doing some feasibility work, it quickly became a homework project out of hours. Stereo sizing has been done usually using disparity maps and blobs, this is a slightly different approach and its very exciting, with some amazing work taking place between me and a colleague in Canada – thanks for your help Doug!

QR Code Controlled iPad Brochure App, Arduino Height Sensor and Technology Centre

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I finally see the fruits of my labor in a really nice enclosure for a top client of mine the Tropical Marine Centre. They wanted to stand out from the crowd with there 6 figure (£) exhibition stand at InterZoo, Germany.
They went really high tech and implemented 3 I.T. projects being:

  • An iPad application for showing off brochure information on there state of the art lighting range
  • An Arduino based ultrasonic sensor to detect distance at equate this graphically to the user to show light intensity of their top product
  • A “Technology Center”, an interactive iPhone application that reads their product barcodes and shows full product information, whilst creating a twitter like feed on their home page showing user activity and what people were looking atImage

Futures Band App Launch

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Today saw the launch of the Futures Band iPhone and iPad app developed by myself with the creative input of the band.
The app itself features a number of marketing tools such as

  • the bands blog, which allows the fan base to keep in touch
  • a map for gig/venue dates (allowing fans to quickly find a venue near them) and online booking tool
  • an interface into iTunes so fans can quickly and easily purchase and download the bands albums
  • a QR code scanner that allows the band to put exclusive content on their CD covers and promotional material
  • a mini app for users to take pictures at gigs and upload them directly on the bands website gallery

On top of that the app also allows for push messages to be sent to all the fans, a cheap and easy way for them to keep in touch with new albums, blog updates and band news.


What is MarineMad.com?

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So, I could write an essay on what MarineMad is all about, or you could watch this 2 min movie – it really highlights the social networking, integration and development skills I’ve aquired over the years and is a bit of an epic project. Its also an opertunity to show off some of my video editing skills, another major interest of mine… photography!



MarineMad iPhone App

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For those of you who haven’t seen our iPhone application yet we’ve put together a quick demo movie highlighting some of the features such as:

Live feeds (with friends updates including fish, coral, equipment, picture and movie additions) which you can comment on!
• View your and other peoples aquarium profiles
• View and send messages
Follow or remove follows for other users aquarium updates
• NEW Question and Answers interface
Upload pictures of your aquarium
• Look for your local fish shop (in UK and US only at the moment)
• View your aquarium data logging (if you have one)
• View most popular and recommended viewing aquarium profiles
• Add and keep track of your water tests eg Ca, Mg, Alk etc.
• View site news and updates
• NEW Easily add classified ads so you can sell items quickly
• NEW Browse and buy items close to you
• INTEGRATED tools for dosing and 3 part salt mixes!
Fully integrated with YouTube – easlisy take and upload videos!