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China Shenzhen Dangerous Prototypes Hack Camp & Maker faire

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Back at the beginning of April Ryan, Richard Barnaby and Myself from RLab (Reading Makerspace) had a crazy impulse control failure and booked on the Dangerous Prototypes first Hack Camp and oh my god was it a trip of a lifetime!

The Continuing Professional Development (ah hem holiday), consisted of some of the most amazing tours around insights into conducting business in China through all the development cycles which included a Tour of the Huaqiangbei electronics market (just wow!) with a group of pros who source tools and components there on a regular basis. Talks covering how to bargain, what to eat, getting around, how to import/export. The course was so well laid out and hospitality via Ian and Jin was simply above and beyond – these guys are just so super great.

So anyway, here is a snippet of our 10 days in China/Hong Kong in what I am calling a Blogamentory (my perspective), but there is some more professional stuff from the guys on their own site you’ll dig into here

Thanks again guys and for those of you that get a chance if there is a next time be quick! its awesome!


Arduino Course

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This weekend I gave a course on the popular micro electronic educational platform Arduino to members of Reading Hackspace.

The event was well subscribed and I look forward to a follow up event soon.



A box

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Built a nice box for the humanoid head I’m working on today and mounted the final servo.. Next eyes and so many options!


I also git to show him off at rLab robot workshop today which was just an inspiring day!!


Robot gets his moves on

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My 3d printed robot getting his first moves on, unfortunately he was missing a hinge in his jaw, but its still v cool!

Read more at http://inmoov.blogspot.co.uk/

rLab Website

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I spent a few worthwhile evening re-vamping the rLab (Reading Hackspace) website to make it more appealing to new members and to accumulate all of our random projects in one place. We’re really pleased how it came together and is a fab improvement.



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Reading Hackspace is hosting a Robot Workshop on the 3rd of November (http://rlabrobotics.eventbrite.co.uk/), so rather than go empty handed I’ve been building my own.

About this time last year I done a huge amount of work on stereo vision and hope to plug that back into this guy.


Hackathon Time Lapse

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Barnaby Shearer one of the project contributors for the Coral Breeding project took this amazing time lapse video of the Hackathon.