St Pancras

Dinner in the clock tower!!

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Some may say I have a slight obsession with St Pancras, I was delighted to have the opportunity therefore to have a 5 course Argentinian inspired meal prepared by a top Chef. I had the opportunity to give a brief talk about the history of the Grand Midland Hotel and even met the owner who gave me a clock tower mug 🙂


The makings of St Pancras V3

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I have reprinted the plans of St Pancras in my final quest of making St Pancras, now in 2mm scale. Here are the first sample outputs of the drawings which are taken from the plans and then re-drawn in Adobe Illustrator and then fiddled about with in InkScape via svg and dxf formats for cutting – all very complicated!

These flat structures will have a number of detail added to them by the way of low resolution printing I have been testing.


More 3D fine scale

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A second round of 3d printing fine resolution. These prints explore how low you can go looking at rivet detail and resolution from 0.1mm to 0.33. You can see the orange print is my first reasonable output from my own low resolution resin printer. The detail becomes much clearer and amazing when primed in red. Finally mastering my metalwork skills by making something a little bit heavier out of metal and you can see the 3d printed wheel encapsulated in the rim. Certainly a lot of theory and technique on show here!



Print your own St Pancras Station!

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After some though and many years of putting this project together I have decided to share it with the community, maybe people will contribute to finishing version 2 or even have a go making their own models. It’s certainly quite satisfying to hare your work with others. If you build one let me know!

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Sandown Model Engineer Exhibition

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I was incredibly proud to display the St Pancras model against so many other prestigious and skilled individuals and really do feel as I had achieved what is a multi year goal today- huge smiles all round – and Many thanks to Allen who helped me pull an all nighter to get the job done!

After a long night, we’re ready.. sleep… whats that?

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Read a bit more here:

St Pancras the story so far

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My poster shown at Sandown Model Expo, the background and why… apart from that it is probably the largest airfix type model ever 3D printing does offer some great advantages like quick prototyping, one off models and repetitiveness!