Cocktail Machine – Arduino BarBot

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I’m not much of a drinker, if at all… but, I have always wanted to make a BarBot and here is my attempt, no plans, just an evening or two and a few bits over from the slow boat in China and magic… I’m really happy how this has come together and it even appears very well thought out!


Multiple serial cameras running on Arduino

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ImageA lot of people seem to have struggled to implement reading multiple serial cameras on Arduino due to the hardware limitations, this is a software solution that uses a pointer to the connection and a listen command to iterate through each cameras “motion detected” state. It seems to work vey well.


Prototype camera with working wireless xbee file transfer

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ImageSo here you can see a lot of the components of the previous videos coming together to show the prototype in full working order!

There is still a long way to go, but this is a real mile stone in the projects development.


First Working Prototype Node Camera!

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ImageSo today I have a fully working camera node for the ZSL London Zoo mesh camera project!

Quick Update – Xbee Radio – Raspberry Pi and Ardunio Chat… 2

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Finaly got the Arduino talking to the Raspberry Pi – not without its fair share of issues!Image

Here’s the evidence!

EyeSPi mention from Pete Lomas!

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I was looking at the Raspberry Pi website and saw an article from Pete Lomas (, ImagePete is one of the founders of the Raspberry Pi foundation and I was amazed to read in the blog from the article he mentions the talk Alasdair and I done at Cambridge University.

He also links to a video presentation I had not seen before… “A local zoo wants to crowd-map endangered animals.”

Pete’s whole blog is here

I star at 3:55…


TTL Serial Camera to Xbee to PC – The Simplest Wireless Camera Ever?

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I’ve been playing and prototyping the cheapest way to create a wireless camera MESH network and I don’t think this solution is far off… no micro processor at work here just serial and a Serial TTL camera.